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Billable with Baby® is a hands-on, practical approach to building a successful consulting business. We walk you through our simple program step-by-step. We help you stay focused and make progress each day. The Billable with Baby® program includes tips, tools, tricks, workbook and templates plus one-on-one time customized to your needs.


Join the Billable with Baby® Community! We are a group of ambitious mothers starting and running successful consulting businesses. We empower working mothers to have meaningful careers with the flexibility to raise their children the way they wish.


My name is Amy Rasdal, and I’m the founder of Billable with Baby®. I’m a working mom of two kids, ages 13 and 3. I traded my corporate job for consulting and make more money than most executives. I live a blended life with hardly any boundaries. I work and play every day. I typically work half my work day during the day and the other half at night. I take several professional level dance classes a week and water-ski every other Friday morning. Although I love to cook, these days we mostly live on raw fruits and vegetables, peanut butter and frozen burritos. I’m quick on the mute button and I can tell you a foolproof way to do a professional conference call from Disneyland.

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The HARDEST Thing About Being a Consultant

The hardest thing any consultant does is bring in the business.  Doing the billable work is the easy part. If you are a partner in a consulting or law firm what is job #1? If you are a partner in a big consulting company, what is your top priority?  Bringing in the...

How to Manage Your Business and Your New Baby

My advice is to plan but keep your expectations open and flexible. It’s so hard to know how you will feel and what the temperament of your baby will be. I was so surprised by how much FUN I had being pregnant, having small babies and now a toddler and teen. I admit that everything has been easier with #2.

Never Work for Free!

NEVER. WORK. FOR. FREE. PERIOD. It doesn’t pay the mortgage or the health insurance or the college tuition. As soon as you become a consultant, smart people with good ideas will come out of the woodwork looking for your free expert help. Make a rule now that you will never work for free. That doesn’t mean you can’t review a business plan for a buddy or bounce around ideas over a glass of wine. But never do real work for free. Make that a rule and stick to it. I promise you will thank me.


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