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I’m a working Mom of two kids, ages 13 and 3. I traded my corporate job for consulting and make more money than most executives. I live a blended life with hardly any boundaries. I work and play every day. I typically work half my work day during the day and the other half at night. I take several professional level dance classes a week and water-ski every other Friday morning. Although I love to cook, these days we mostly live on raw fruits and vegetables, peanut butter and frozen burritos. I’m quick on the mute button and I can tell you a foolproof way to do a professional conference call from Disneyland.

Should You Have a Backup Plan?

What if you dive into this consulting thing and it doesn’t work?  Do you go back to your corporate job and put the baby back in day care?  Tell the nanny that you were just kidding and that you actually do need her? I have a lot of experience running large medical...

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5 Easy Networking Tips from a Former Wallflower

I recently had the opportunity to write a guest post for Goalcast.

Networking is your single most important business activity. It is the best possible career insurance. It is the best possible use of your business development time. And the sooner you embrace it, the more successful you will be.

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Should You Make Less Money Because You Work from Home?

Should you make less money because you get to stay home with your baby?  Are you less smart? (Pregnancy brain aside.)  Are you doing lower quality work?  In my experience mothers are more efficient, more productive and more effective. Never Say You Work from Home When...

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How to Create a Value Proposition that Slays

A good value proposition is a short statement of who you are, what you do, and how your services can offer value to customers.  It outlines your service and its promise to deliver.  The focus is on the benefit to the customer.  As Mark Twain once said, "I didn't have...

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When was the Last Time You had a Raise?

The average annual merit increase in the US has been 3% for the past several years.  Consulting allows pay for performance not possible when merit increases are 3%.  I left the corporate world to achieve pay for performance and you can too.  When you have your own...

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Navigating Child Care

I started consulting before I had kids, but I admit things were a little more haphazard in those free-falling, pre-children days.  About a month before my daughter was due, I sent an email out to all the parents I knew asking about their child care experiences and...

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Flip Your Mindset Upside Down

Flip your mindset upside down. I have a monthly speaking gig at Lee Hecht Harrison.  I do a half day seminar on how to start your own successful consulting business.  LHH attracts high quality clients so this has been a great way for me to make new connections. ...

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The Importance of Making a Personal Connection in Your Pitch

I recently received an email from someone asking me to reference their research on baby monitors on my site.  She is asking me to put a link to their guide comparing the best baby monitors on my web site.   Here is the email I received: Hi Amy, I wanted to let you...

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The HARDEST Thing About Being a Consultant

The hardest thing any consultant does is bring in the business.  Doing the billable work is the easy part. If you are a partner in a consulting or law firm what is job #1? If you are a partner in a big consulting company, what is your top priority?  Bringing in the...

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How to Manage Your Business and Your New Baby

My advice is to plan but keep your expectations open and flexible. It’s so hard to know how you will feel and what the temperament of your baby will be. I was so surprised by how much FUN I had being pregnant, having small babies and now a toddler and teen. I admit that everything has been easier with #2.

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