I recently had the opportunity to write a guest post for Goalcast.

Networking is your single most important business activity. It is the best possible career insurance. It is the best possible use of your business development time. And the sooner you embrace it, the more successful you will be.

You must develop a clear strategy to create and maintain a high-quality network. Nearly all my business comes through referrals, and yours will too!

Sure, but…

I know, it’s hard. I’m an engineer by background, and networking didn’t come naturally to me. Every time I walked into one of those networking events, I felt like I was at a Junior High dance. If I learned how to network effectively, you can too!

Get started now – 5 Easy Networking Tips from a Former Wallflower.

And if your newfound networking skills lead to a proposal, this free Billable with Baby® proposal template will allow you to deliver a beautifully professional proposal.

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