Free Proposal Template

Now that your business card no longer says, “Hewlett Packard,” it’s more important than ever before to be professional.

You must create a high-quality proposal worthy of the best consulting firm in the world.

Here is my the Billable with Baby® proposal template. It will allow you to deliver a beautifully professional proposal.

You shouldn’t be surprised if your first proposal is really hard and takes a long time to write. Most of us have never been in the proposal writing business. My first proposal was for a 100 hour project and it took me 40 hours to write. I thought, “if it’s going to take me 40 hours to write a proposal for 100 hours’ worth of work, this business model has a big problem.” After I wrote the first few, it got a lot easier.

This Billable with Baby® proposal template will make the proposal writing process easier and quicker.

If you still have questions about the proposal you’re working on, jump into the Billable with Baby® Community and post a question. I will personally answer every question you post.

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