Last week I asked about your biggest challenge.

What is your biggest challenge with your consulting business?

  • Finding the courage to dive in?
  • Fear of leaving your corporate job?
  • Getting started?
  • Charging enough?
  • Finding Clients?
  • Juggling it all?
  • Something else?

Getting Started is the Hardest Thing

I heard back from several people and the landslide winner is Getting Started.  I got started a long time ago, so that’s obviously no longer a challenge for me.  But here’s the thing, I didn’t have big, overwhelming thoughts about starting a business and everything that means.  I simply jumped in and did a project.  I still remember the satisfaction of putting that first check in the bank.  I landed the project, did the work and put the check in the bank.  I was pretty darn proud of myself.

If the idea of starting a business makes you feel inspired and energized, that’s great.  I’m all in.  But, if you are like the rest of us and the idea of starting a business is overwhelming, stop right now.  You don’t need to incorporate or build a web site or name your business.  You simply need to land one project.  Find a client who has a project and do some billable work.  There are many steps to building a business and I will hold your hand every step of the way if you want me to.  The other Billable with Baby® Mamas will be there too.  But for now, let’s focus on landing a project and getting a check in the bank.  Your confidence will soar once you finish your first project.

You deserve this.  Won’t you join me and land a project?  I have a proven process and we will take it step-by-step.

Land a Project NOW!

If you are already past the Getting Started phase, congratulations!  You’ve already completed the first big step.

Finding Clients is a Constant Challenge

The next biggest challenge is Finding Clients.  This is my biggest challenge.  15 years in It takes constant work to keep my pipeline full of high quality projects.  Oddly enough, it’s easier when you’re first getting started.  What?!?!?  It is because you have never been available before as a consultant.  Now that you are, people are going to snap you up like hotcakes.  But don’t get too comfortable, because this bonanza won’t last forever.  Then you’ll have to work for it, same as me.  How to Create a Value Proposition that Slays will help you craft your pitch.

Afraid of Being Overwhelmed Trying to Juggle Family and Business

I’ll be honest.  It takes plenty of juggling to keep things going.  But it’s so much easier when you have the flexibility of working for yourself.  How to Manage Your Business and Your New Baby will give you some good ideas if you’re a new Mom.  Oh Yes You Can Bring the Baby will inspire you if you’re feeling a little more courageous.  And Navigating Child Care will give you ideas for child care now that you no longer need a full time nanny.

Once You Get Started, Charging Enough Will Rise to the Top

I am on a personal mission to make sure you charge what you are worth!  Starting your own consulting business should not be a financial sacrifice.  One of our early Billable with Baby® moms doubled her corporate salary within the first six months.

Why don’t women charge what they are worth?  FEAR.  Fear that they won’t get the work if they price too high.  Fear that they are not worth it.  Fear that if I say, “My rate is $150 an hour,” the client will laugh in my face.

STOP right now and repeat after me:

I earned it.

I deserve it.

I am worth it.

Please read more about How to Charge What You are Worth.

Should You Make Less Money Because You Work from Home?

Should you make less money because you get to stay home with your baby?  Are you less smart? (Pregnancy brain aside.)  Are you doing lower quality work?  In my experience mothers are more efficient, more productive and more effective.

Be Billable with Baby®

The mission of Billable with Baby® is to help you find the courage to start your own consulting business so you can have the freedom and flexibility to raise your children the way you wish.  You can replace the full time pay your family needs.

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