It’s not Valentine’s Day yet but it’s never too soon to think about love, right?  I thought it would be good to do a little warm up.  And don’t forget to start training now for the chocolate eating and champagne drinking.  You’ll want to be in good form come February 14th.

Today I want to share some of my favorite guest posts.  These are articles that I wrote for other web sites.  There are some wonderful resources.  I hope you will click the links below and do a little exploring while you are there.  Get ready to be inspired by this little voyage on the magical Internet.  All from the comfort of wherever you are most comfortable.

5 Easy Networking Tips from a Former Wallflower

Networking is your single most important business activity. It is the best possible career insurance. It is the best possible use of your business development time. And the sooner you embrace it, the more successful you will be.

I know, it’s hard. I’m an engineer by background, and networking didn’t come naturally to me. Every time I walked into one of those networking events, I felt like I was at a Junior High dance. If I learned how to network effectively, you can too!

Stop Dreading Monday Morning

I feel your turmoil. Spending several hours on a Sunday snuggling the baby. Luxuriating in the simplicity and perfection of this tiny human. Immersed in the petal soft skin and new baby smell. Only to be flattened by a ton of bricks as the sun starts to set.

My heart aches for you.

I feel your joy. Sitting down to work on Sunday night after the baby goes to sleep. Sitting down to work on Monday morning during the baby’s nap. Stealing 20 minutes for email while the baby plays with a toy on the floor next to your desk. Dreams of field trips, first steps, cupcakes and school plays are coming true.

You CAN have it all.

Oh Yes You Can Bring the Baby

You can take your baby anywhere you want when you work for yourself.  There is no one to tell you that you can’t.  Whatever you do, DON’T ASK PERMISSION.

I even took my two-year-old to a very important board presentation.  I carefully dressed in the most powerful, power suit I owned along with the best shoes, jewelry, make-up and briefcase I could muster.  I arrived at the meeting before anyone else and set the baby up in the corner in her Pack ‘n Play.  I sat near but with my back facing her, so she couldn’t make eye contact with me.  I pretended to be VERY busy reading something VERY important as other people came into the room.  Everyone looked at the baby wondering what the heck was going on, but no one said a word.  The meeting started, I made my presentation and the baby played quietly in her Pack ‘n Play the entire time.  At the end of the meeting someone finally said, “Does that baby belong to anyone” I very casually replied, “Oh, she’s mine.”

How to Charge What You are Worth

Why don’t women charge what they are worth?  FEAR.  Fear that they won’t get the work if they price too high.  Fear that they are not worth it.  Fear that if I say, “My rate is $150 an hour,” the client will laugh in my face.

STOP right now and repeat after me:

I earned it.

I deserve it.

I am worth it.

Pour Out the Bucket

Is your bucket list bringing you more stress than joy?

Are you feeling left out because you don’t see how you’ll ever have the time or money to tackle your bucket list?

I poured out my bucket and you can too.

The Power of Like-Minded People Even for Introvert Moms

In my early years of being a mom, I had a hard time figuring out where I belonged.  When my daughter was about a year old, I joined a play group.  We loved playing with other moms and same-age babies, but I was the only mom in the group who worked.

I left the corporate world and started my own consulting business before the babies came.  I can relate to the moms working 9-to-5, but it’s not the same as packing the babies off to day care and heading to the office all day.

I work full time and I mom full time, so I felt stranded between these two worlds.  The first few years with a new baby can be lonely and I was struggling to find my tribe.

Child Care When You Work from Home 

Since I do half my work at night when the kids are asleep, I don’t need full time care.  I use a combination of college nannies, a childproof playroom and a Pack n’ Play stocked with a special, rotating toy stock.  We started our system when our 13-year-old daughter was a baby and perfected it with our son who is now 3.

Billable with Baby® Community!

I hope you enjoyed your trip around the Internet and found the inspiration I promised.  We would love to have you join our tribe at Billable with Baby® Community! We are a group of ambitious mothers starting and running successful consulting businesses. We empower working mothers to have meaningful careers with the flexibility to raise their children the way they wish.

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