I was home one morning just about to get ready for a very important board presentation.  The Nanny called and said she had locked her keys in the car. Her boyfriend was bringing the spare key but she would be an hour or more late.  I had allowed some leeway in my timing since it was such an important meeting but if I waited an hour, I would be late.  My daughter was a little past two at the time.

I figured I had three choices: 1) Call and tell them I wouldn’t be there 2) Join the meeting by phone or 3) Pack up the baby and take her with me to the presentation.  Before you think I had completely lost my mind, I had some experience taking her places with me.  I routinely took her to dance class.  I would set up the Pak ‘n Play in the corner of the studio while I took class.  I had a couple sets of travel toys that she only got to play with on those outings.  I thought I could use that same approach and decided to go for it.

I carefully dressed in the most powerful, power suit I owned along with the best shoes, jewelry, make-up and briefcase I could muster.  I arrived at the meeting before anyone else and set the baby up in the corner in her Pak ‘n Play.  I sat near but with my back facing her so she couldn’t make eye contact with me.  I pretended to be VERY busy reading something VERY important as other people came into the room.  Everyone looked at the baby wondering what the heck was going on but no one said a word.  The meeting started, I made my presentation and the baby played quietly in her Pak ‘n Play the entire time.  At the end of the meeting someone finally said, “Does that baby belong to anyone” I very casually replied, “Oh, she’s mine.”  And that is how I ended up taking a baby to a board meeting.

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